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portrait process

choose your image

The best images are the ones that show your pet's personality. Try not to worry about the background or the photo as a whole but focus more on the animal. Backgrounds can be removed or replaced and coloring can be corrected or desaturated. I am always happy to lead this conversation if you are not quite sure and want some direction. 

Higher quality images are always preferred but we can work with what you've got.

choose your size, edits + background

Once we have decided on the size, the coloring, the editing, and the background, I create a rough mock up via Photoshop of the ideal image so you will know exactly what I will be painting from. You'll notice here in this example that I removed part of the background, Benny's hind leg and his harness for a more aesthetically pleasing image. This is a complimentary process so there's no need to feel committed if the result is not what you are looking for. I never start painting until we are both happy with what is produced in this stage and what's discussed as far as price and timing. 

(EX 11x14 with partial background = $340)

i get to work

I get to work! I start the painting process and do my best to keep you informed as it comes along. This can take anywhere from 1-5 weeks depending on my workload and how labor intensive your piece is. Once it's completed I will send a photo of the painting via email so you can see the finished product. After I get your final (and hopefully excited!) approval, I'll ask what your preferred method of payment is (Venmo, Paypal, Check). Once payment goes thru, I ship!

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