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What is the turn around time for a portriat?

The general turn around time for a portrait is between one and three weeks-depending on my work load. We will discuss a deadline in the collaboration period before I start painting to which I am very dedicated to keeping on track. If you need a piece in a pinch, let me know and I will always check to see if I can work it out.

Can I do a solid color instead of the white of the canvas for a "no background" price?

Absolutely! "Solid Background" simply just means there's no details in the painting other than your lovely pet. You can choose any color you desire and will have a chance to see what it will look as a backdrop during the mock up stage. I am also happy to do partial backgrounds which are priced depending on the details of the background (but will almost always be less expensive than the full background pricing) 

How do I pay for the portrait?

You don't pay until the piece is ready to be shipped! I will send you an email with an attached image of the painting for your final approval to send it off then I'll kindly ask how you'd prefer to pay. You are welcome to pay vial Paypal, Venmo, Cash or Check. If you are local in or near Seattle, I am happy to work out a pick up/delivery.


What if I am not happy with the result?

I always send an email with an attached photo of the painting right before I send it. This gives you an opportunity to speak up about any changes that need to be done before I ship the piece. It is my goal to have you happy with the outcome so I do all I can to ensure you are satisfied! 

What kind of painting are the portraits?

Acrylic! All my standards are acrylic on canvas or wood. You will have the option to see what both would look like before I even put paint to the surface. 


Do you do more than just pet portraits?

I do! I love to paint from photographs so I have done everything from painting boats to scenery and pets to people. You can see more of my work at

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